London lithuanian folk group "SADUTO" in United Kingdom

"Saduto", the Lithuanian folk song/dance group, was founded in March 2005. Mrs. Ona Dobrovolskiene, Chairperson of the First branch of the Lithuanian Association in G.B., was the main enthusiastic guiding light behind its inception.

The group first met at St.Kazimir's (St.Casimir's) Church hall in London. Its initial goal was to sing, and from that the idea to form a folk group developed. Rehearsals were soon under way on Friday evenings.

There were several initial tasks, which were to acquire Lithuanian national costumes, to memorise the words of a variety of songs from the different regions of Lithuania, and to learn a number of new dances.

"Saduto's" first performance was at "Sodyba" (Headly Park, in Hampshire) at Pentecost. The older Lithuanian emigres were pleasantly surprised to see the members of the group, proudly wearing Lithuanian costumes, whirling around the dance floor, and singing their hearts out with renditions of authentic (Lithuanian) folk songs. This provided a good incentive to expand the group's programme, and increase membership.

The current leader of the group is Mrs Ligita Malinauskiene.

"Saduto" has enthusiastically participated in a variety of events, festivals and gatherings organised within the Lithuanian community, and by various British organisations.