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E-treatment psa and biochemical control. Three- to 5-year biochemical control rates ranged from 48% to 100% for pre-treatment psas <= 4, 55% to 90% for psas between 4 and 10, 30% to 89% for psas > 10, <= 20 and < 10% to 100% for psas > 20. Due to substantial differences in patient selection criteria (e. G. Median gleason score, clinical stage, pre-treatment psa), number of patients treated, median follow-up, definitions of biochemical control, and time points for analysis, no single technique consistently produced superior results. Authors' conclusions our comprehensive review of prostate cancer brachytherapy literature failed to identify an optimal treatment approach when studies were analysed for treatment outcome based upon pre-treatment psa and biochemical control. Although several well-designed studies showed an improvement in outcome with total dose or implant quality, the numerous techniques for implantation and the varied inconsistent methods to specify dose or evaluate implant quality suggest that standardised protocols should be developed to objectively evaluate this treatment approach. buy viagra cheap viagra online generic viagra online cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra online cheap viagra cheap viagra on line overnight These protocols have recently been suggested and, when implemented, should significantly improve the reporting of treatment data and, ultimately, the efficacy of prostate brachytherapy. Crd commentary the review includes a clearly stated objective. Some relevant details of primary studies were presented in a tabular format. However, medline was the only electronic database searched and the search strategy was limited to english language publications which means that some important information may have been missed. No attempt was made to search for unpublished data and the presence of publication bias cannot be ruled out. Information about the methodology of the review process (such as how decisions on the relevance of primary studies were made, and how discrepancies between reviewers were resolved) was very limited and the validity of the included studies was not investigated. The authors' conclusions seem to follow from the results. However, in view of the above limitations they should be interpreted with caution. Implications of the review for practice and research the authors do not state any further implications for clinical practice or research. However, they do note that future treatment protocols for permanent seed implants should be dictated by prospective rcts and not on the current single-institution t.

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